B:REAL ESTATE is a real estate developer that focuses on the development of industrial property projects under the     B: PARK brand. On the outskirts of Havlíčkův Brod, it has prepared interesting building plots designated for residential development detached houses.

We provide our customers with a suitable environment for their business. We recultivate industrial parts of towns and cities that are both inspiring and economically efficient at the same time. We offer more than 31,000 m² of non-residential space (manufacturing, office and storage) for rent. We are currently preparing a new industrial zone of 14,000 m².

The B:REAL ESTATE team will be continuing to expand.



  • We currently operate the Industrial Zone B: PARK U BOROVÉ and continue to revitalize it (a total of 10,000 m² of production and office space). There are 16 companies in the area.
  • B: PARK STROJÍRENSKÁ is our latest acquisition. It is a former Zetor production site. Manufacturing, warehousing and office space (20,000 m² in total) are being leased and adapted to the needs of tenants.
  • We are preparing the construction of a new industrial zone B: PARK KYJOVSKÁ with a size of 2.7 ha.
  • In the quiet zone on the outskirts of Havlíčkův Brod in the direction of Jihlava, the implementation of the new residential area NAD SKALKOU has been completed. The above-standard lands are ready for immediate construction of detached houses.